Crunch & Sip

We are a registered Crunch and Sip school and all classes have a Crunch and Sip time each day. As a registered school we will abide by the fruit and vegetable foods allowed and water as below and students will not be permitted to eat or drink other foods during this time.

See Crunch & Sip for further information.

Crunch and Sip: Crunch permitted food

  • Strictly fruit and vegetables only.
  • All fresh fruit and vegetables e.g. whole fruits, chopped fruit, celery, capsicum, cucumber
  • Fruit canned in water or juice with no added sugar e.g. peach slices.
  • Dried fruit e.g. sultanas or apricots are allowed but should be limited due to concentration of sugar

Crunch and Sip: Sip

  • Strictly water only
  • Students are encouraged to bring water bottles into class.